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Casinos offer a wide variety of games for people to enjoy, many of which are card games. And, one of the most popular card games among casino-goers is Blackjack, or 21. A casino card game Blackjack (21) still remains to be one of the most popular card games due to the fact that it is played at practically all casinos all over the world. More and more gamblers search for the best gambling offers and more and more beginners started learning the tactics of how to play blackjack. Mostly it is so because of the risk involved in the game and to the publicity around blackjack card counting (a method for keeping the track of the cards that have been already dealt on the table). It is commonly believed, that Blackjack originated from French game vingt-et-un (“twenty-one”), played at the beginning of the XVIII century in French casinos.

Blackjack Table

Blackjack is dealt on a special table that is shaped as a semi-circle. There is a separate circle or square for each player. When you sit down you must buy chips from the dealer or bring them from another table. See How to Buy Casino chips. The player puts his bet in the betting circle if front of his space. Only chips put in the betting circle count as your bet. After all bets are made the play begins.

Card Values

In the Blackjack played in casinos today, the four card suits hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds mean nothing. Face cards are valued at 10. This applies to all Kings, Queens, and Jacks. Aces can be valued at either 11 or 1 the choice belongs to the player. All other cards are given the value of their face number. This applies to all cards between the values of 2 and 10. In the past, if a player got a natural Blackjack meaning a two-card 21 or, in other words, an ace along with any card with a value of 10 the bank would pay out a larger amount. But, nearly all casinos have stopped offering larger payouts for this automatic win hand (or push hand, if the dealer also has a 2-card 21). But, a 2-card Blackjack does rank higher than a 3- or 4-card Blackjack.

Game Start

Players place their initial bets in the betting squares in front of them. Then, the house deals two cards to each player, both of which are dealt face up. Rules for the dealer vary by country. In the United States, the dealer gives himself two cards, one of which is dealt face down. But in the Great Britain, the dealer instead gives himself only one card, which is face up.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. If your cards total higher than the dealer’s cards without going over 21 you win. You are not trying to get close to 21. If your hand or the dealer’s hand goes over 21 you “Bust.” If you bust you automatically lose. If the dealer busts and you do not you win. The player must act first. If the player busts he loses regardless if the dealer busts or not.

Game Play

In order to try to beat the house score, a player looks at the two cards that have been dealt to him. If he wants the dealer to give him another card to add to those two cards, he makes a scratching motion. The player can do this as many times as he would like to try to improve his score; however, if his score exceeds 21 he has gone bust and is out of the hand. If the player is satisfied with his initial two cards, or if he does not want another card, he can make a waving motion. When a player does this, this means that he wants to stand. After all players are finished building their hands (or have gone bust), it is the dealers turn to build his hand. There are specific rules the dealer must follow in doing so. If the dealers cards add up to 16 or less, he has to take another card. But, if his score is 17 or higher, he is obligated to stand.

Blackjack Wins

If the house ends up going bust, every player who has not exceeded 21 wins. If, however, the house ends up standing with a score of 17 or higher, comparisons must be done. Players whose scores are lower than the house lose their bet. Players with higher scores than the dealer win the amount of their bets. And, any player who has a score that matches that of the house has a push, meaning that he neither wins nor loses his bethe simply keeps the amount of his bet or leaves it in the betting square for the next Blackjack hand.

Finding Online Blackjack

Online blackjack can be found at almost any online casino. If you don’t already have an online casino account, it’s not hard to find a site and sign on. Just check out the top lists here at When you sign up through us you get extra money in your account as a bonus for signing up with a particular site to play blackjack online. The online blackjack menu should be easy to navigate to from the main page once you have logged in.

Online Blackjack Variations

If you’re looking for standard blackjack, be sure the online blackjack site is offering traditional rules, where doubling and splitting is allowed and the house pays 3-to-2 on blackjack. Some sites may try to offer worse odds on blackjack in exchange for things like playing with fewer decks. Other online blackjack games include blackjack switch, where you are dealt two hands and can alternate your second cards, and Pontoon, which has a number of rules changes from traditional online blackjack. It’s fine to play any variation you like, just be sure you know which variation you are playing. There are also a growing number of blackjack tournaments available. Maybe elimination blackjack is the game for you.

Other Things to Know about Online Blackjack

You are not obligated to remain on any one site for your online blackjack. There are plenty of online casino sites and online blackjack games on the Internet, and if there is anything you don’t like about your current site, feel free to check out a different one, and play blackjack online there.

Simple Blackjack Rules

It’s very easy to learn blackjack. There is one basic educational skill needed within the blackjack rules – knowing how to add. And with that skill, you want to attain a hand scoring as close to 21 without going over, and being closer to 21 than the dealer. Going over 21 is known as a bust; that’s bad news for you, as your chips will begin to disappear quickly. You also need to know when to hit, stand, double down etc. The easiest way to learn this is to use a blackjack strategy chart. Our advice is that you print out the one found here at CasinoToplists. A chart like this is always good to have available for consultation when playing blackjack online. Make sure you know the blackjack rules before sitting down at the table.