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Blackjack is the world’s by far most popular casino card game and we are proud to be the leading free online Blackjack guide since 1998, teaching you everything for internet blackjack games from rules to basic strategy and card counting.

Here you’ll find a great selection of internet blackjack games information to help you learn how to play or improve your game. We feature blackjack rules, a table layout diagram, black jack tips, the different variations of the game, a break down of the primary differences between playing casino blackjack or at an online casino, strat

{!!!start promo text}If the game of blackjack were created today then it’s safe to say that the majority of casinos probably wouldn’t offer the game. The main reason being that blackjack gives too many advantages to the player. The first and most devastating advantage is that blackjack, in some circumstances, is a positive expectation game. You don’t need to play 40,000 or more hands (as in video poker) to see that positive return. Unlike table poker, other players aren’t strategizing against you while the casino sits above the fray. Blackjack doesn’t require other players, and the dealer follows strict rules. These same sets of rules apply to online casino blackjack and are built into the software that adheres to these rules 100% of the time.{end of promo text!!!}

egies and much more. We hope you find what you’re looking for here and visit us again as we’ll try and update our site with new information as we come across it and learn something new.

We provide honest reviews of the top Blackjack gambling sites on the internet, so you can choose a Blackjack online casino that is perfect for your individual tastes. You can also find news about the latest trends in internet blackjack games, and up-to-date information about the best online Blackjack tournaments.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned high-roller, you will find this internet blackjack games site essential. Best of all, the people behind the site are gamers and Blackjack enthusiasts just like you, so we know what is important. It is our mission to help make all our visitors true Blackjack Champions!

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