Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

» What is the “Basic Strategy”?
It’s a strategy of the non-counters players, which propose is to minimize the Casino edge.

» What is the “Card Counting”?
It’s a mathematical system that players use to improve they edge by counting each card that is turned face up, which would indicate when a player is in a good way, or should change his strategy.

» Which advantage does card counters could obtain?
The average is a 1.5% or less, it depends on the counting system used, the player’s cleverness, and the Casino’s rules.

» Is “Card Counting” legal?
Yes, but the Casinos hate it and would like you to believe that is an inmoral practice. Some Casinos have blacklists to add the professional counters and don’t allow them the entry

» How do I play Blackjack online?
First you need to find a reputable casino web site. Our Guide hopes to offer you the best online blackjack sites. Next, you’ll probably have to sign up at the casino site. With most sites you will also have to download their Blackjack software so you can play. A few other sites let you play directly from a web page without any installation required.

» What about cheating?
Most good casino sites are pretty much guaranteed safe. If there were security breaches or cheating, it would be big news. Further, other players would know. If you’re concerned about fair play and “rigging,” ask around for advice from fellow gamblers.

» Do I have to play with other gamblers?
No. In online blackjack, it’s usually just you and the dealer. That’s why you should take your time in every hand.

» Do I need a fast Internet connection?
It depends on the software and on your computer. You may be surprised at how well modern casino applications perform even with a dial-up connection. Since Blackjack is a solo game, you don’t need to rush anyway. So the answer is probably no.

» Can I play for fun or with real money?
You can do both. Aside from free Blackjack web sites, real casino sites also provide free practice for new members, including free programs and play money.

» What do I need to make money with Blackjack online?
You have to be good at Blackjack and play an effective strategy. Blackjack Strategy can be found and learned easily enough. To maximize your profits and lessen the risks, however, you need casino bonus money. This is free money that many casinos will give you for free on sign-up. Unfortunately, Blackjack has such a low house edge over a player that many casinos now exempt Blackjack from their bonus money offers. Too many players make money with the Blackjack + Strategy + Bonus Money method. You need to do some research before you find a site that offers a generous bonus for Blackjack.

» What about wager requirements in online Blackjack?
When playing Blackjack for money, always check the total wager requirement and wager limits per hand. The total wager requirement must not be too high; it should be only 8-10 times your bankroll (bonus included). Less is better. As for the wager limits per hand: The minimum bet must be low. A wide margin between the minimum and maximum bets is desirable. For example, $1 to $500 or higher. Why? It will help you cover your losses when doubling bets like in the Martingale System. Be careful at a $1-100 table. And do NOT go to a $25 table until you’ve mastered the lower ones.

» How do I play Blackjack for money?
If you’re familiar with Blackjack software, it’s not that hard to figure out. You place a bet with chips of various denominations. You can change the bet size with every hand. Depending on the game situation, you can double your bet, take insurance or (in some cases) surrender a hand. It’s important to keep track of your bets so you’ll know when you’ve met the minimum wager requirement. The casino software or your account should have the info. Learn how to play online blackjack and use the basic blackjack strategy to your advantage. Blackjack has the lowest house edge in a casino when you use basic strategy. The online black jack sites below offer single player, multi player, progressive and blackjack bonuses.
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